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Twitter: byuu_san2016-11-06

My official Twitter account handle is byuu_san, and I've been active on Twitter since June 2015. I use Twitter mainly for social media outreach: announcing new software releases, seeking help with difficult technical issues I'm facing, communicating with friends, and occasionally just tweeting about interesting aspects of my life and things I've found interesting.


Given that my views evolve over time, I prefer to not keep around every tweet I've ever sent, and so I've set up this page to capture any interesting tweets so that they can continue to be referenced even if the original source tweet is no longer available. I'll also include a few amusing anecdotal tweets for good measure.

This archive starts from October 2019.

Typhoon Hagibis2019-10-11


One of the largest typhoons in decades hit Japan during my visa stay here, Typhoon Hagibis.

Although it caused a lot of damage, the area I lived in was thankfully able to avoid most of the fallout. Many folks reached out to me to offer their support, for which I am most grateful!

15 Year Anniversary2019-10-14


I began developing bsnes on October 14th, 2004. And on the 15th anniversary of the project starting, I was able to solve perhaps the longest-standing technical issue, serialization with cooperativethreading.

Run-Ahead Support2019-10-15


Proper serialization allowed for the implementation of deterministic (stable) run-ahead support in bsnes. This technique allows the elimination of whole frames worth of input latency, closing the one major benefit that real hardware and FPGAs held over software emulators.

FPGAs and Emulation2019-10-16


The debate over whether FPGA implementations are hardware emulators or something else is regrettably controversial, but something worth stressing is that this is really just a red herring; something seemingly significant that only serves to detract from what's truly important: preservation.

Weak Coffee2019-10-24


Sometimes in Japan, English meanings get lost in translation. A particularly humorous example is here: "American Coffee" is translated as "Weak Coffee" on this coffee shop menu. They are likely referring to "Americano Coffee", although the Japanese is written as just "American" here.

AMD Ryzen CPU Bug2019-10-29


A serious bug with AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPUs caused its hardware random number generator to malfunction.

As damaging as that is, the systemd workaround for this ended up being almost as impressively disastrous. Which for anyone paying attention really shouldn't be all that surprising, but all the same.