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bsnes v110 released2019-09-20 11:07:19

Today I'm releasing bsnes v110, which provides stability improvements and bug-fixes over v109.

Also, the downloads are now ZIP files, so that third-party software is not required to open them.

Please enjoy!


Windows downloads
macOS downloads
Source code

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bsnes v109 Released2019-09-06 10:31:52

I'm happy to release bsnes v109, with a month's work of non-stop polish on top of the previous release.


You can download the new bsnes release here.

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bsnes HD Mode 72019-09-03 09:56:17

I merged DerKoun's HD mode 7 auto-perspective correction. This code detects when the option (which is used to perform much better anti-aliasing of HD mode 7 screens) will not work and will disable it for those segments of the screen. What this means is that you can leave the option enabled and ~99% of the time it should just work. You'll get perspective correction where it's supported, and it will disable itself automatically where it's not.

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bsnes Compatibility Options2019-09-02 05:24:10

Back in the late '90s, SNES emulators were not very accurate and cut corners. ROM hacks and fan translations made during this time often ended up being incompatible on real SNES hardware.

As SNES emulation has improved, these older hacks have become broken in modern emulators. In an effort to save these orphaned works, bsnes now features options to emulate the inaccuracies of older emulators.

I strongly advise not enabling these options unless required for compatibility with specific titles, as these options will have adverse effects on licensed SNES software.

A longer-term goal will be to create a database to automatically and selectively enable these hacks only when necessary.

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