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higan Neo Geo Pocket emulation demonstration2019-10-07 05:41:23

The next release of higan will feature Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color emulation.

I believe it to be the most complete and accurate emulation of this system to date, however that's not really saying much as this is a rather neglected handheld.

With that said, it is the first emulator to run mic's Nymp homebrew YM2149 audio player correctly, so we're off to a good start for a first release.

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Site improvements2019-10-04 02:12:41

I have updated the higan and bsnes pages, especially the latter, with more useful information and a nicer page layout.

I've also been working on improving the design of the site itself: there are new social media quick-links along the site header, and breadcrumb navigation links below the menu bar for quicker site navigation. The main menu has also been condensed to allow faster access to my most important project pages.

Suggestions for further site improvements are most welcome!

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higan Sega CD emulation demonstration2019-09-30 21:12:08

Here's a video demonstration of the work-in-progress Sega CD emulation for higan.

There's currently a slight timing issue that occasionally causes the top-most row of tiles to render incorrectly during the opening FMV sequence.

The audio is supposed to drop in quality during the opening: the title screen uses a 30-second Redbook audio CD track, whereas the movie uses a lower-quality encoding of the complete song at a lower volume.

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WonderSwan boot ROM dumped, courtesy of furrtek!2019-08-18 14:58:09

Courtesy of furrtek, we now have the WonderSwan boot ROM extracted and emulated! furrtek was able to achieve this via clock glitching the original hardware during boot-up and then extracting the ROM via serial. WonderSwan Color is next up.

The reason this is important is not just the boot screen logo. If you hold down the start button during startup, the WonderSwan boots into a settings menu where you can configure your name, birth date, gender, and blood type. For the last one, remember this is Japan. In Japan, blood types are roughly analogous to the west and horoscopes.

Your settings are stored on an internal EEPROM (memory chip), which WonderSwan games can then read back to customize the game for you: pre-filling in your name, providing easter eggs, etc. Some cartridges further provide a real-time clock, which can trigger events on your birthday.

With the boot ROM now dumped and emulated, these settings can now be configured via emulation.

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