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Run-ahead bsnes preview2019-10-16 08:54:04

Update: beta version 111.10 is up to address an issue with deterministic states on Windows. If you had bad luck trying run-ahead before, it should work now.

I've posted a new beta build of bsnes, version 111.9, which adds run-ahead emulation.

Run-ahead is a technique to remove internal processing delay frames from games, resulting in the perception of reduced input latency.

You can download the new preview here.

Here is a video explanation and demonstration:

Link #bsnes #snes

[blog] bsnes frame advance input latency post-mortem2019-10-13 12:00:55

I wrote a post-mortem on a recent frame advance bug causing two additional frames of input latency. I want to stress this only affected the frame advance functionality and not normal gameplay, but still, the analysis and findings were rather illuminating, so I thought I'd share a breakdown of what went wrong and how it was fixed.

Article link here

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21fx SNES development hardware overview2019-10-13 06:49:31

For reverse engineering the SNES to develop my emulators bsnes and higan, as well as verifying SNES game PCB memory maps for my SNES preservation project, I originally used a serial controller USART interface. Later on, I moved to a parallel interface using the SNES expansion port.

In this video, I'll quickly go over these two devices and how they work.

Unfortunately the devices cannot be ordered online, as there is no vendor making them, but for anyone with some electrical engineering experience, the full schematics and source code are available online for free here.

Link #snes #21fx

FPGA article plan2019-10-12 03:08:21

Given the reception of my last FPGA article (which wasn't taken at all as I had intended), the prospect makes me a bit nervous, but I feel an article on the subject of FPGAs and their role in emulation would make a great complement to the recent article about cooperative threading. Specifically to attract attention to amazing projects like MiSTer, which seeks to emulate as many systems as possible in an open-source FPGA system.

If anyone from that community would be up for working with me on such an article to ensure it's factually complete and unbiased, I would appreciate that and would like to put something together for it. Social links are at the top of the page, or Discord is fine. Thanks in advance!

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PGP key2019-10-11 06:19:09

I set up a account for my PGP key, in case anyone needs that.

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[] Article: Input Latency Reduction2019-10-07 08:39:15

I've posted a new article on my emudev site explaining how bsnes and higan further mitigate input latency. I believe the technique could benefit other emulators as well. I'd be open to hearing your thoughts, thanks!

Read it here.

Link #emulation

higan Neo Geo Pocket emulation demonstration2019-10-07 05:41:23

The next release of higan will feature Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color emulation.

I believe it to be the most complete and accurate emulation of this system to date, however that's not really saying much as this is a rather neglected handheld.

With that said, it is the first emulator to run mic's Nymp homebrew YM2149 audio player correctly, so we're off to a good start for a first release.

Link #higan #neogeopocket

bsnes v111 released2019-10-05 06:08:28

Update 1: there was a minor issue with the Super Game Boy audio fix when using save states, so I posted v111.1 to address this.

Update 2: and another fix for the accurate PPU renderer, a slight sprite flickering issue in Star Ocean, so v111.2 is up.

Update 3: and one final fix, save state stability improvements when using rewind. It really only affected Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, but they're such great games that it was worth the effort. v111.3 is up as a result.

In celebration of reaching zero issues and zero pull requests on GitHub, I'm releasing bsnes v111 today.


Windows downloads
macOS downloads
Source code

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Site improvements2019-10-04 02:12:41

I have updated the higan and bsnes pages, especially the latter, with more useful information and a nicer page layout.

I've also been working on improving the design of the site itself: there are new social media quick-links along the site header, and breadcrumb navigation links below the menu bar for quicker site navigation. The main menu has also been condensed to allow faster access to my most important project pages.

Suggestions for further site improvements are most welcome!

Link #bsnes #higan

New article on byuu.net2019-09-30 22:05:13

I wrote a small article with some advice to aspiring emulator developers on getting started in emulation. Hopefully it helps someone.

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

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higan Sega CD emulation demonstration2019-09-30 21:12:08

Here's a video demonstration of the work-in-progress Sega CD emulation for higan.

There's currently a slight timing issue that occasionally causes the top-most row of tiles to render incorrectly during the opening FMV sequence.

The audio is supposed to drop in quality during the opening: the title screen uses a 30-second Redbook audio CD track, whereas the movie uses a lower-quality encoding of the complete song at a lower volume.

Link #higan #segacd

r/pcgaming AMA2019-09-28 14:16:34

I hosted an AMA on /r/pcgaming earlier today, if anyone's interested.

It is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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bsnes CRT emulation2019-09-24 20:58:55

With many thanks to hunterk, the CRT-Royale pixel shader has been ported to bsnes!


Link #bsnes #snes

Image Gallery2019-09-24 19:09:32

I've created a new image gallery for photos of my time in Japan: sights, culture, and cuisine.

You can browse the gallery here.

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bsnes HD mode 7 demonstration2019-09-22 17:26:22

I've uploaded a new video, which walks you through the recent HD mode 7 functionality in bsnes, explains the origins of the feature, how it works, and how to use the various settings for it in bsnes. I demonstrate the effect in real-time in multiple games.

Link #bsnes #snes

bsnes v110 released2019-09-20 11:07:19

Today I'm releasing bsnes v110, which provides stability improvements and bug-fixes over v109.

Also, the downloads are now ZIP files, so that third-party software is not required to open them.

Please enjoy!


Windows downloads
macOS downloads
Source code

Link #bsnes #snes #emulation #release

How to remove stickers and clean game cartridges2019-09-19 17:52:07

Hi, I've created a video where I demonstrate my method of cleaning game cartridges.

If you enjoy the video, please be sure to like and subscribe, it would help me a lot. Thank you very much! ^-^

Link #video

board.byuu.org2019-09-19 03:50:51

Yeah, we're doing this again. Third time's the charm?

Unlike previous incantations of the forum, this time the board has no general discussion. I don't want to moderate communities anymore.

The board is instead focused on development. Essentially, GitHub issue trackers are a terrible way to manage compatibility lists and have nuanced discussions. And I'm comfortable with forums, so rather than write my own issue tracker with account registrations, that's what I'm going to use. I am of course accepting bugs there for both higan and bsnes, and I'll migrate game issues to the forum myself.

Anyone is free to sign up, but again I want to stress that I have no intentions of moderating. If it's not kept on-topic, I'll be removing posts/accounts. If you're still interested, then I look forward to seeing you there, thanks!

Forum link: byuu's board

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Shinbashi mural2019-09-17 05:00:42


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Akihabara Skyline2019-09-16 19:13:22


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