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Super Nintendo (SCN)

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Total: 6

Name Region Revision Board Size
Gods SNSP-GZ-SCN SPAL-GZ-0 SHVC-1A0N-20 0x100000
Lion King, The SNSP-ALKP-SCN SPAL-ALKP-0 SHVC-BJ0N-01 0x300000
Shadowrun SNSP-WR-SCN SSWE-WR-0 SHVC-1A3M-20 0x100000
Soul Blazer SNSP-SO-SCN SPAL-SO-0 SHVC-1A3B-20 0x100000
Tintin i Tibet SNSP-AT6X-SCN SPAL-AT6X-0 SHVC-2A0N-20 0x180000
X-Zone SNSP-XZ-SCN SPAL-XZ-0 SHVC-1A0N-20 0x80000