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byuu v2 + higan v108 + bsnes v115 released

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byuu v2 + higan v108 + bsnes v115 released2020-03-03 12:06:40

I'm refreshing all of my emulators today, in preparation for scaling back a bit.

byuu v2 brings massive performance improvements, run-ahead and rewind support, and Famicom Disk System + Mega CD emulation.

higan v108 brings various user-interface refinements and emulation accuracy improvements.

bsnes v115 brings bugfixes for several titles and run-ahead improvements.

These will be the last major releases for a while; however I will continue to post hotfixes and improvements to the GitHub repositories. I also welcome any and all pull requests, especially for emulation core bugfixes. Most notably, I would greatly appreciate any assistance in improving my Mega CD emulation, if possible.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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CDBlue2020-03-04 20:12:07Not sure where to report bugs at this time, but I figured I'd put it here since it's new to this release. In BSNES the WASAPI driver sounds very thinny/scratchy (not sure how to decscribe it other than that really). It doesn't matter what latency or options I select (exclusive, sync, etc.) it always sounds bad. I tested WASAPI on the latest Byuu and that doesn't not have the same issue... it sounds correct no matter the settings. I haven't tested this setting with Higan, so not sure where that one falls (good or bad sound). Also, the other drivers for BSNES seem to work fine, I only get this issue with WASAPI.

DominicDeCosa2020-03-06 02:21:21I'm getting a black screen with Star Fox 2 (SNES Classic Version). Other SuperFX games seem fine.

nickblame2020-03-07 13:50:07Hey, is there a fullscreen option in byuu emu which I can't find?
It would be nice to have a high level emulation option of the dsp firmware files required for some roms.

CRT Revival Dreamer2020-03-10 00:50:43Hey byuu,
higan's PC Engine and SuperGrafx cores still have the left and right overscan margins!
Please solve that problem.

byuu2020-03-10 07:24:37nickblame, F11 key.

CRT, I did so a few WIPs back. They should be gone in v3, unless the games themselves draw less than 256 pixels per scanline.

nickblame2020-03-11 00:23:21Hey byuu,
may I ask why the bsnes 115 runs mario kart rom while byuu v2 asks for the dsp roms?

KiTA2020-03-11 10:18:53Thank you so much for everything, byuu. I hope you are doing well. Please take care of yourself.