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higan v107 released

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higan v107 released2019-12-21 16:02:42

It has been over two years and *235* WIP releases since higan v106 was released.

And today, finally, I'm posting higan v107 publicly.

There's just no way I'm going to be able to create a full changelog here, but I will summarize the most important parts:

Neo Geo Pocket screenshot

Please note that the user interface rewrite is extremely substantial, and I can't stress how absolutely critical it is that you read the user guide before attempting to use this new release.

The truth is, the new user interface is not ready, and without a release to gather feedback, it never will be. The old higan v106 user interface was unable to scale up to the complexity of emulating 25 systems and counting. I spent many months working from the ground up on a brand new paradigm so that I could emulate any system of any complexity using a single unified user interface. I believe a tree view to be the best way of expressing infinite flexibility, but this design is unlike any other emulator out there. And I know very well from experience how much we all (myself included) dislike change.

I believe that it's possible to refine this concept and strike a balance between familiarity and intuitiveness. I am not there yet, but with your help, I believe I can get there. Short of stagnation with v106, this was the only path forward.

If you're willing to give this release a try, I'd welcome your feedback. Please understand that right now, it's very rough around the edges with lots of small bugs and no polish. The v107 line will include many public point-releases as I incorporate feedback and rewrite components to make the emulator easier to use.

If you're not onboard with that, please stick with higan v106 and wait this release cycle out until things are finalized in a future release. Or perhaps skip over higan and check out the newly revived bsnes instead: bsnes is what I'm known best for, solid SNES emulation, in a performant, feature-filled, traditional, easy-to-use package.

As before and as always, higan is my personal research project. I know that it's not for everyone, but if you're like me, then I do hope you'll enjoy this release. It's the culmination of literally thousands of hours of work since v106.

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salad_tongs_12019-12-23 02:53:43Are there any plans for supporting the SEGA 32X?

byuu2019-12-23 06:17:25No plans for 32x support, sorry. I don't believe my emulator design would allow it to run anywhere near full speed.

EP2020-01-02 03:15:01wasn't there a 107.1 release of higan that came few days after 107 was released?

byuu2020-01-02 06:15:31So far I haven't published any of the 107.x releases. Once it's a touch more polished I plan to put out another. You can however grab them anyway off of my Cirrus CI buildbot.

To be honest the whole "Safe Browsing" thing really put me off doing new WIP releases.

MDK2020-01-07 04:49:48Love the new interface. Only two issues I've had so far. First, higan not realizing it has focus in fullscreen, which disables the inputs if you have it set to not allow input when it loses focus. Second issue is that I can't find the overscan options. The documentation still claims it's under the output settings, but it doesn't seem to be there, or anywhere else.

EP2020-01-09 12:48:54thanks byuu. it was that darn site that mentioned the 107.1 & 107.4 releases of higan