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byuu v1.4 released

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byuu v1.4 released2020-02-29 11:01:24

I would like to release new major versions of all three of my emulators in the near future.

To help facilitate this, I've posted a beta build of byuu v1.4 for testing.

This release adds rewind support to all cores, and run-ahead support to all but the GBA and MSX cores.

Testing and bug reporting would be highly appreciated, thank you!

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Cricri2020-02-29 20:14:11Nice again, thanks! I also tested (albeit quickly) the PC Engine core, and it looks like I won't be needing Ootake anymore.
Do you plan to share a changelog too?

Nagra2020-03-01 10:02:21I totally agree with Cricri, awesome work.
Bad luck for me is that my all time favorite PC-Engine game isn´t working. Final Match Tennis goes ingame - but controls stop working as soon as the players enter the field and the screen freezes.

Andy2020-03-01 10:55:42Tested a lot of cores, all worked well. Tks