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byuu v0.14 released

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byuu v0.14 released2020-02-24 07:17:06

The v1 development phase is basically completed. I'm posting a final beta to catch any last-minute critical issues. Please give it a small test run and report any serious issues that would harm the reputation if they shipped in a v1 release. Thank you!

No need to post news about this elsewhere, if all goes well, v1 will be released very soon.

The big news in this WIP is that I've spent time greatly increasing performance of the most demanding cores in byuu:

Every system should run at 150+ fps on a $100 desktop CPU now, although of course your mileage may vary.

There are other niceties such as a native file open dialog, auto-saving of memory, support for save games in the Neo Geo Pocket core, a fix for PAL region detection in the Super Nintendo core, and more.

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Async0x422020-02-27 01:04:44Awesome, great work! Been following your work for over a decade and am always impressed.