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Announcement: Business Launch

Announcement: Business Launch2019-12-05 06:59:56

The exciting news is that today I'm announcing my new software development business.

For the 15th anniversary since starting on bsnes, I formed "byuu" as a limited liability company on October 14th, 2019. The name just makes sense given my domain. It took a while to finalize all the paperwork and register everything, hence the announcement delay. But everything's live now.

In the past, I've sold a few commercial licenses to my emulator software as an individual, which was not an ideal way to do things from a legal standpoint. Around March of 2018, I began working on developing more performant emulation, which led to both the revival of bsnes and a failed licensing effort, csnes. As a result of the latter, I am no longer interested in licensing my emulators for cartridge players.

Instead, I want to focus more on individual uses such as game publishers wishing to re-release titles from their back catalogs on modern platforms. I am also open to consulting and contractual work in this capacity, so long as there is 100% respect for software licensing throughout any projects I'm involved with. My rates will be much lower if this work can be open-sourced.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me here, or on one of my social media accounts.

So what does this mean for bsnes and higan? Nothing, really. I've already mostly re-developed to be more professional, so nothing will be changing. My software licensing remains the same, and I will not be commercializing any contributed work that I do not own copyrights to. I also do not require a CLA for contributing to bsnes and higan, of course.

This move is really just a way to formalize the unofficial licensing of the past, and an aim to be more professional. I can now create a business bank account, consider hiring in the future, etc. An all-around win.

Also unrelated to this, I've extended the registration of for the next ten years, so I won't be going anywhere!

Thank you for reading.