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bsnes v114 released

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bsnes v114 released2020-01-08 10:23:58

In celebration of Max completing his testing of the entire SNES library in both bsnes' fast and accurate PPU rendering modes, and all bugs reported now corrected, today I'm releasing bsnes v114.

Unfortunately, I'm no longer able to host binaries here, and so I'm now currently hosting my Windows binaries at instead. For webmasters, I would ask that you please link directly to the bsnes page instead: this gives access to other important links, and allows me to repoint download links in the future as needed.

bsnes v114 © byuu


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FitzRoy2020-01-08 12:43:38Speaking of new games in the database, will my USA revisions show up sometime this year? Also, FYI, someone found the 1.1 version of Super Street Fighter II on ebay, but he doesn't really sell his carts after dumping them. So that's confirmed to exist in case you want to try and find it in the future.

Proud AdNauseam Advocate2020-01-08 13:09:11Hi byuu,

Thanks for making bsnes fun to use again!

I noticed an issue with cheat codes: whenever 2 or more Pro Action Replay codes (codes that affect RAM) are activated simultaneously, only the one that was activated more recently will take effect, and all others will stop working even though they are reported as "enabled" in the Cheat Editor. This doesn't seem to affect Game Genie codes (codes that affect ROM).

I use Windows 10, in case it matters. The bug has existed since bsnes v108; bsnes v107 correctly applies all selected cheat codes.

byuu2020-01-08 15:04:56FitzRoy, I haven't dumped them yet. But eventually I will and they'll be added. They're still here with me.

PAA, I'll look into it, thanks.

EP2020-01-09 12:59:42let's try downloading the latest bsnes version with alternative web browsers like palemoon, seamonkey, ms edge or opera rather than using the common browsers like mozilla firefox and google chrome. I had no problems downloading bsnes with these other browsers beside firefox & chrome

and yes I'm also experiencing the same problem PAA is having with certain pro action replay codes working and others not working - previously running bsnes 113.1