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bsnes v113 released

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bsnes v113 released2019-12-11 13:46:24

bsnes v113 has been released. The full changelog is below.

Windows Download
macOS Download
Source Code

bsnes v113 by byuu
bsnes v113 by byuu

bsnes v113 is the seventh in the new line of bsnes releases. At the time of release, all known issues are once again resolved. As always, please report any issues to the bsnes GitHub issue tracker, or feel free to drop me a line on the contact page. Thank you!

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NoobNeutralizer2019-12-12 23:36:38Awesome...

I'd get the random crash on exit issue at random times on Windows 10...

byuu2019-12-13 00:16:32As best I can tell it was caused by something in the global state being destructed after bsnes had exited from main() but before the program actually terminated, which would most likely imply one of the video/audio/input drivers not being destructed properly. Whether it's a bug in my implementation or in the drivers I'm not sure, but in any case, I'm happy this workaround resolves the issue until we can track down precisely what's wrong. I'll keep trying to find a way to reproduce it on one of my systems to investigate it further.

Keyvan Khadem Ravandi2019-12-14 20:43:36I just wanted to take the time to say thanks. Because of people like you, I take emulation for granted without realizing the amount of effort, research and passion someone to has put in. Thanks for making the world a better place :)

Dricks2019-12-15 14:58:50Hi,
Since bsnes 113 i get lot of corrupted save states (im playing Legend of Zelda Link to the past) while i never had a single one with v112
Symptoms :
The sound fade out on reload, and never start again. I'm then stuck with a black screen when the game try to change the map

byuu2019-12-15 16:20:37Unfortunately, I can confirm it.
I found the commit that caused it, and I've posted a hotfix bsnes v113.1 build for this.
Thanks for the report.