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bsnes v112 released

bsnes v112 released2019-12-05 07:00:45

bsnes v112 was released on October 20th, 2019. The full changelog is below.

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bsnes v112 by byuu

(reposting due to the CMS update.)

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Maruyama2019-12-11 02:04:36Hey there, can I make a suggestion?
idk if it's possible, but seeing what you made with mode 7 made me encouraged to at least tell you about my idea.

how about trying to make Super FX games run at a smooth 60fps?
games like star fox, stunt race and starfox 2

i don't know much about programming, but what i had in mind was something like
what if the emulator makes it so the pc/video card renders it outside of the emulator ( with the emulator serving as an interpreter for the files ), like as if it was regular steam game or something instead of abiding to the snes restrictions
or just doing whatever the hd mode 7 does, but with 3d.
and like with the mode 7 hd, it could maybe also be used to render the game in a higher resolution than what the snes limited it too

I think being able to play the game smoothly alone would elevate it to a whole new level since the low frame rate and lag makes it really hard to play at times

so... that's it!
thanks for listening!!
take care!!!

byuu2019-12-12 04:56:31Hi Maruyama, I'd love to have Starfox running at 60fps.

You can overclock the SuperFX chip and make the game run faster, but the game was programmed with it running slowly in mind, and accelerates the controls. So when you speed it up, the game plays too fast. A programmer would have to reverse engineer and rewrite parts of the game engine to allow it to run at 60fps smoothly.

The resolution is a separate issue, and yes if high-level emulation were used, Starfox could be rendered in hardware at higher resolutions, but it's more akin to the HLE performed for N64 games, but only for *one* game at a time. As a result, it's a substantial amount of work for just one game, so it's unlikely to happen. I certainly wouldn't be able to do it, but maybe someone else would be one day. If so, I'll add it to bsnes for sure.