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Windows Binary Downloads

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Windows Binary Downloads2020-01-02 01:20:12

Google has disallowed me hosting my own binary releases on my own website. Until a permanent solution to this can be found, I will be employing alternative methods of distributing my software. I will update this post with more methods as they are devised.

Note: please do not link to alternate download sources from other sites! These links may change at any time. Please only link to,, etc.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but my hands are tied here.

You can download my Windows binary releases from my page.


Releases are provided on my Discord server in the #releases channel. No account or additional software is necessary, just type a username.

Not that this is a temporary link, which will auto-part you from the channel when you log out. If you'd like to stay permanently on my Discord channel, please use the Discord link on my links page instead.

SHA256 Checksums

You can optionally verify file authenticity using these SHA256 checksums.

4c7f45fa1a14c04d6e4a8d276b67376078800131a06eaed506ed44616a0e63be  higan_v106-windows.7z

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Hias2020-01-03 10:22:49Great solution, thanks!

Mario2020-01-03 19:07:48Thank you very much Byuu-san!