Help Wanted

I am in need of assistance to acquire certain items for work on game preservation. If you would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated!

Of course, I would very much welcome donations. But I am also offering to pay fair market value for items, and in most cases, I only need to borrow the items for a short time.

If you can help, please contact me on Twitter @byuu_san, or via Hotmail @setsunakun0

Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer assistance!

Nintendo Super System

The Nintendo Super System is an arcade design with 12 games produced for it. These games have slight changes to their retail cartridge releases to operate more smoothly in an arcade environment.

I would like to verify that the dumps of these games are correct, to determine and emulate their complete memory maps, and to produce scans of every board, and hopefully, every marquee that each game came with.

Currently, I am missing 9 games in this set:

I am in possession of the following games:

For this set, I am willing to pay fair market value to purchase or borrow any of these titles. For purchasing, I could offer $50 for any missing title, or $100 for ActRaiser or Contra III. I would also be willing to offer up to $200 to simply borrow a complete set for one week.

Super Famicom Consoles

Although from outer appearances, there would only appear to be two types of Super Famicom consoles, there are in fact ten PCB revisions for this system.

The documentation on their differences is sparse, and there aren't many good high-resolution scans of the PCBs. I would like to document the differences between each hardware revision. To do this, I need to obtain one of each console.

Currently, I need the following PCB revisions:

I am in possession of the following revisions:

Aside from the Mini, a Nintendo game-bit will be needed to open and verify that a given Super Famicom console is a PCB revision that I am missing.

For this goal, I am willing to pay fair market value (up to $50) per console that I am missing. But I would like to keep these consoles, so that I can use them to perform emulation research tests in the future.

Right now, I'm only looking for the Japan-region consoles. In the future, I may look into doing the same for other regions.

PAL Super Nintendo Games

I have acquired complete game sets for the US and Japan regions. However, to date, I haven't acquired any PAL games. And unfortunately, the prices have soared far beyond my budget to ever attempt a complete PAL set. Let alone the complexity in there actually being around a dozen separate regions with PAL releases.

As such, I can't afford to buy titles here, but I am looking to borrow any and all PAL Super Nintendo games. They can be from any PAL region, in any language, with or without boxes or manuals, in any condition.

Again, right now, I literally have zero PAL games. So if it's a PAL title, I need it! I can return any borrowed games within one week, and I would be happy to pay the shipping and handling charges both ways.

Furthermore, I can provide high-quality 600 DPI scans for any games lent to me. These scans will also go to Evan, for inclusion at SNES Central.

Last but not least, all scans will be added to the verified games database that ships with higan and icarus, which will allow perfect memory map emulation in bsnes.

Super Famicom Box

The Super Famicom Box is a hotel rental unit released in Japan. It has five unique multi-game cartridges produced for it, plus the rental box itself.

I'd very much like to obtain the hardware and games to attempt some form of emulation in higan.

Unfortunately, these have gone from obscure and inexpensive to obscenely expensive in a very short time. As such, I cannot afford to purchase one, but would be very interested in borrowing one for a moderate length of time for analysis and dumping.

Monetary Donations

While I prefer physical item donations, I would of course be happy to accept any monetary donations as well. All money would be put 100% toward the above goals only.

If you are interested, please contact me and I can provide my Paypal address.

One thing I would like to stress is, please do not purchase any items above for higher than market value for the purpose of donation. I've grown very saddened by prices spiraling out of control in the retro gaming market, and I very much do not want to feed this system any longer.