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I have various public social media accounts scattered across the internet for various use cases. This page contains a listing of accounts that belong to me.

As I have been the target of impersonation, if you see an account online claiming to be me, but is not in this list, please assume that it is not me.

Development - technical articles and resources for emulator developers
Blog - personal blog about life in Japan
Board - message board for more in-depth development discussions
GitHub - development for all of my open-source projects
GitHub - bsnes - bsnes development
GitHub - higan - higan development
GitLab - GitHub mirror account

Social Media

Mastodon - fallback for Twitter
Twitch - emulator development live-streaming
Twitter - streams of thought, photos of my life in Japan
YouTube - emulator development videos


Keybase - identity verification
Patreon - funding for emulator development and game preservation

Other Accounts byuu#5426 byuu byuu byuu byuu byuu byuu

Inactive Accounts byuu byuusan byuu_san byuu byuu