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board.byuu.org2019-09-19 03:50:51

Yeah, we're doing this again. Third time's the charm?

Unlike previous incantations of the forum, this time the board has no general discussion. I don't want to moderate communities anymore.

The board is instead focused on development. Essentially, GitHub issue trackers are a terrible way to manage compatibility lists and have nuanced discussions. And I'm comfortable with forums, so rather than write my own issue tracker with account registrations, that's what I'm going to use. I am of course accepting bugs there for both higan and bsnes, and I'll migrate game issues to the forum myself.

Anyone is free to sign up, but again I want to stress that I have no intentions of moderating. If it's not kept on-topic, I'll be removing posts/accounts. If you're still interested, then I look forward to seeing you there, thanks!

Forum link: byuu's board

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