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New website for emulation development - byuu.net2019-09-14 08:48:16

I've started a new website,, for hosting emulator development resources. The focus for this site is to provide articles and resources to help aspiring emulator developers with the kinds of topics not found in your usual 'how to write an emulator' tutorials. Deep-dives into things like accurately emulating different types of displays (CRTs and non-backlit handhelds) on modern PC monitors, removing DC offsets and PSG aliasing from audio streams, creating robust thread schedulers and priority event queues, etc. The goal is to write this in a way that's approachable for people who aren't experts with topics like digital signal processing and such, to help grow new emulator projects into best-in-class emulators, and also to shed light on areas that are in need of more outside attention in the hopes of attracting new interest in this field. If nothing else, for those who for some reason enjoy my technical writing, it'll be a sort of mini-tutorial on my process of software development.

I'm also hoping to build a library of links to PDF datasheets and similar documents that are traditionally rather scattered around the internet.

So far I have two articles hosted there, color emulation and CPU ALU flag emulation. I'll probably be posting a new article once a week or so on average.

I've chosen to set this up under a different domain because I want to keep as my personal website for my own projects and opinion articles, and I wanted a different website design that was more "article-focused", and has historically not had the best track record when it comes to content longevity (*cough site rewrites*), which is something I can more easily avoid by keeping the two sites completely separate from one another.

Thanks for reading, and I hope the new site will prove interesting to some folks!

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