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WonderSwan boot ROM dumped, courtesy of furrtek!2019-08-18 14:58:09

Courtesy of furrtek, we now have the WonderSwan boot ROM extracted and emulated! furrtek was able to achieve this via clock glitching the original hardware during boot-up and then extracting the ROM via serial. WonderSwan Color is next up.

The reason this is important is not just the boot screen logo. If you hold down the start button during startup, the WonderSwan boots into a settings menu where you can configure your name, birth date, gender, and blood type. For the last one, remember this is Japan. In Japan, blood types are roughly analogous to the west and horoscopes.

Your settings are stored on an internal EEPROM (memory chip), which WonderSwan games can then read back to customize the game for you: pre-filling in your name, providing easter eggs, etc. Some cartridges further provide a real-time clock, which can trigger events on your birthday.

With the boot ROM now dumped and emulated, these settings can now be configured via emulation.

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