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Feedback (v107)2019-12-21 16:04:45

If you've read the higan v107 user guide, and run the higan v107 release, and are ready to leave some feedback on how things can be improved, great! I'd be very happy to hear from you!

Please understand that no two people are going to agree on everything, and I may not be able to accept your suggestions. I'll likely not have the bandwidth to be able to respond to everyone, but I do promise to read everything and consider all constructive criticism. All the same, I'd recommend not getting too emotionally invested in this, especially not in the early days ^-^;

If you're still willing to contribute: I most prefer visual demonstrations over textual descriptions.

There's a couple of ways of getting in contact with me to share your feedback:

You can leave your comment at the bottom of this very post.

You can reach out to me in private on my contact page.

You can join my Discord server to discuss this with a group of people on the #higan channel.

You can also send a message to me on Twitter, Mastodon, or Reddit.

However you choose to reach out, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you all so much! ^-^

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Braintrash2019-12-22 09:34:08I like it, it's clean and functional, especially for a beta incomplete release.
Good work. :-)

CDBlue2019-12-22 12:49:50Liking the ability to tweak each component of a system, etc. Noticed a few issues when setting up hotkeys and controllers though.

1) It would be nice to be able to map multiple controls to up/down/left/right etc. via the UI (for example having my left analog stick and my d-pad control up/down/left/right is nice and how I like to use it in BSNES). With Higan's new UI I can't seem to find a way to map multiple keys like that

2) When setting up hotkeys I set fullscreen to F12. However, while playing a game and trying to go into fullscreen it didn't seem to work. Nor did alt-enter and the other usual ways of forcing fullscreen (FYI, I was using OpenGL as a video driver if that makes a difference).

Keep up the great work :)

hibber222019-12-22 18:59:48Personally I really like the design and it really exposes everything to the end user in a concise way like the different ppu and cpu revisions that no emulator really exposes. Also you finally added the keyboard as a controller so I can write cool test programs that use it.

I think the biggest lack of a clear indicator is after you've added a system it shows up in your system list. This is fine but to get to the system settings you need to double click the system and there's no clear indication you should do this. A tooltip that says double click to edit settings or text somewhere that indicates that you need to double click would really help as that's what stumped me on the nightly builds.

Yuan2019-12-23 01:08:15Hey, Byuu-shi, long time fan. Thank you for your hard work.

A couple of things I think could be useful: the option to use the Windows system time in the clocks of systems like NGP(Color). Also, I think it's very cool that you can have multiple NGP consoles with different settings, I actually had one in「しろくろ」and one in 「セピア」cause I loved both.

Here's a feature that might not be that useful for a lot of people, but in the name of preservation could be important. Both the AA batteries and the CR2032 of the NGPockets could run out of power/be removed, prompting a message when one turned the machine off. There could be a slot for "battery in/low power/no battery". Also when AA power goes low, there is behavior programmed, like light blinking if I remember correctly.

Such features, being so ultra-specific and not for the general user, could be turned off by default and only appear in an "advanced mode", but could help people in the future understand what the machine did or current users could try it for nostalgia/fun/experimentation.

Now this one is UBER OVERBOARD (but since you introduced this novel approach): when we were kids, my brother and I glitched our Famicom games by gently removing them partially in the slot, and sometimes that would prompt a strange warp or even "new levels". This is really pushing it, but it's something silly we ACTUALLY DID with our hardware. I think this unwanted behavior is not really preserved anywhere. We did all kinds of dangerous things like "hotswapping" MSX carts or pulling Sonic 2 out to see the scaled Sonic frozen in the SEGA logo animation. SFC/SNES, as you obviously must know, keeps the music running.

Another idea is that the icons on the WonderSwans, being an LCD graphic outside the screen, could use vector graphics instead of the pixel art (which is nice btw, I don't dislike it).

Not particularly requests or complaints, just food for thought. Thank you again for your hard work, I enjoyed the seeing the WonderSwan BIOS on a PC for the first time, and I had a blast playing with the NGP calendar and「ほしうらない」as I did when I was younger.

byuu2019-12-23 14:21:10CDBlue, I'd like to support a similar system as bsnes where there can be multiple mappings per input. The tricky part is that messes up the "Assign All" button, which is really handy. Fullscreen works okay here ... maybe your keyboard has one of those Fn buttons you have to press with F12? Or did you have the hotkey assignment panel open when you tried? It blocks hotkeys from registering when it's open.

hibber22, thanks for the feedback. I've also heard from another that it's not intuitive that the right-hand side is just a preview. I'll try to make the system manager / creator / launcher more obvious to use in the next release.

Yuan, I do want to add an option to the real-time clock notes to sync with the current Windows time, but it has to emulate it based on the emulated system time, otherwise it would be possible (though unlikely) for an emulated game to detect it's running on an emulator. I definitely want to emulate the AA and CR2032 batteries draining, but that's going to be tricky because if we suddenly "recharge" the battery, or stop depleting it, a game could theoretically detect the emulation there as well (of course, it can now by the battery always being 100% full, right?) higan already supports ejecting a cartridge while the system is running (complete with a warning telling you that you really *shouldn't* do that.) I'd love vector icons for the WonderSwan to match the real hardware (it's an overlay and not actual LCD pixels there), but I don't want the complexity of a complete SVG renderer in the emulator ^-^;;

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!

M422019-12-23 19:08:38Looks good! The new interface is going to be very flexible, which is FANTASTIC. I love the direction you are taking higan, and am also glad you have bsnes out for the more casual emulation fans.

Some documentation on the new firmware requirements/naming conventions would be very much appreciated - the firmware for the Sharp SM83 being a notable example. In what order should the SGB/SGB2 firmware files be concatenated to the Rom itself? (I'm assuming here that it needs to be, as with the other firmware.)

More hotkeys would be very useful, especially one to power/depower the system without using the drop-down menu.

Here's an odd feature request: would you be interested in rolling native packages for bsnes and higan in OpenBSD? There is currently a package for higan v106 in the package tree by third party, but no bsnes, and I've found the reliability of the current higan package to be spotty due to some strangeness with memory addressing.

The work you have put into v107 really shows! Many Thanks! =D

Also, the SHA256 values for any of the new firmware, and the resulting concatenated files, would be very much appreciated!

I just noticed that Icarus no longer appends the .sfc suffix to Game Pak folders. I think it probably should, as bsnes won't load a folder as a game without it. This is pretty useful for folks who use both bsnes and higan.

Xeon3D2019-12-24 00:17:48Hi byuu. I'm a huge fan of your work, your methodology and your determination above all.

I've done rather limited testing, having found what I think was a bug in Icarus (which I have opened a case on GitHub.

I'd say that the UI mostly works for me. Even tho multiple system emulators are not really my thing. It's quite logical and the ability of having multiple Super Famicom (for example) systems created, each with their specific configuration is quite nice.

Since it is only possible to emulate one system at once, instead of the current "Settings Panel" in the bottom part of the window, I'd suggest to create a menu option "Systems" which would open a window where we could create and define our systems. After the systems are created, it'd show a Systems list and maybe with some details of the configuration of each on the right part of said window. Similar to what PCem (a x86 emulator) does.
I also believe that whatever you get by using a tree model, you can do with more common windows forms controls.

I'm not really sure I could get my point across since English is not my native language, but if not, I can try and cobble up something UI-wise.

tiamat9112020-01-01 01:00:50Hi! I've been using Higan for more than five years now and I'm always happy to see new improvements. I do like the new system, but I guess it could be a bit confusing to newcomers, or to people that don't know as much as others about emulators and stuff. Any way to add an "easy mode" where it feels more like "another" emulators where people don't have to worry about connecting controllers or powering on and off the console.

Also, and I guess it's just me, but the settings panel in both hign and bsnes is a bit confusing to me and I don't know what "dynamic" and "blocking" means. It would be great if more explaination was included within the settings panel itself as to what the effect does.

Also, I usually like to map my save/load state buttons to my trigger buttons on my controller but it looks like I can't in 107 (I've also tried 107.3). I can only map to the shoulder buttons, not the trigger ones which I could do in earlier versions of higan and in bsnes.

Finally, when I wanted to try the emulator, I just randomly picked up Super Mario Bros. and it's all glitchy. I know it's not my ROM since it works fine in other emulators and I've tried both the SMB (World) rom as well as the SMB+Duck Hunt ROM and they both do the same thing. I don't have the same issue in SMB3, only in SMB1. Here is a URL to a capture I did that shows the problem. Maybe that could give you a hint? Also, I've tried both OpenGL and Direct3D, exclusive or not and all the other settings and I get the same thing. I've also tried to change vertical sync settings in the nvidia control panel and nothing changes...

Thanks again for all the hard work ! Can't wait to see future changes!

radial2020-01-12 18:33:59Hey byuu, thanks for your hard work!

Being able to tweak more things is always a nice improvement and a welcome change. The user guide for the new release makes it very easy to setup and change system settings, though it's possible to be a bit daunting for newcomers as others have pointed out.

I'm aware it's still feedback prototype, but there were things I missed in this release that were quite useful in v106: a hotkey for power cycle, the tools such as the state manager, and the status bar with messages for when a soft reset/power cycle occurred.

Looking forward to future updates!

metroidman2020-02-02 10:46:36Hey I just started to use this the other day! Play alot of Super Metroid on it, soo much fun :).

Something I have noticed is that unless you hit the System > Unload after finishing playing a game, it will not save. So like I played 2hours of this one rom hack, switched to original, and when I went back to the hack the save was deleted. I had seen it there before, I did the Power Off and Power On in Higan then checked and it was there. It only disappeared when I switched the games over. Checked it with using Unload and it works fine for saving.

I did not read anything about saving in the notes, and nobody seems to have mentioned it here, but having something like an "auto-unload" feature every I don't know few minutes to check for recent saves? Is that possible? Kind of like how if you save on a system and shut it off it will still be saved, you don't have to manually push some button to save after you already saved, or maybe this is just an emulator thing. I'm old and not in the loop these days lol.

I will say those, that the last emulator I used was snes9x and zsnes from like 2007-2016 maybe? This Higan emulator is by far miles ahead! The interface alone is incredibly easy to understand, took me one quick read of the notes and some messing around, very nice work! Honestly, a lot of the people playing on this emulator are probably just looking for functionality rather than glitz and glamour, and you seem to be on the right track with that! I personally do not care if it looks fancy or has cool lights, as long as it is easy to understand and straight forward to use it works for me! And don't take it like I think it's bad, I kinda dig the oldschool menus :P It is very nice and easy to see everything in one spot like that, and I have never seen that sort of work done on an emulator anywhere else.

This emulator has not failed me yet, and works extremely smooth and well. If anything needs to be added to this it's continued love and optimization, but honestly everything else seems flawless! Great work! Idk how you amazing folk figure this stuff out, but don't ever stop <3

anonymous2020-02-06 13:38:13I need help. I accidentally made my resolution too big and now the top of the tab is off screen

byuu2020-02-06 23:23:22anonymous, go to %appdata% and delete the higan folder. It will reset your settings but it should fix things.
Barring that, you could edit the settings.bml file in Notepad and change the video size/scale setting back to 2.
Hope that helps! I'll add code to detect that case and avoid it to my bug list, thanks.

Keiya2020-02-07 00:37:12It defaults to being ever so slightly too tall on my main monitor, 1360x768. This is a pretty minor quibble, though.

Questors2020-03-02 14:34:19Actual small problem this time:

The Gamepad for the SuperFamicom randomly drops keyboard assignments. So far this has happened only to Start and Select and is not constant, rather rare and random. The problem shows up when restarting higan V-107.

Questors2020-03-15 22:22:24Switching between windows, when I interact with the menu bar on a given window, that becomes the active window. Not with higan emulator. For instance, let's say I am setting a playlist for a music player. That is the active window. Then going back to higan with intent on loading a save state, I am able to mouse to TOOLS > LOAD STATE > #X, that state loads. At this point I attempt to use the assigned controls but nothing happens. Another Left-click anywhere on higan is necessary to make it the active window.

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