higan - Commercial Licensing2018-05-16

If you own the rights to games released for classic Nintendo systems, higan offers you a fast and easy way to publish these games on new platforms, including but not limited to Steam, the App Store, etc.

higan is written in clean, portable C++ code, with the core emulation completely abstracted from its user-interface; so it is very easy to custom-tailor the user experience to specific games and interfaces.


higan is by default licensed under the GPLv3.

Commercial licensing is available for higan. I am the sole copyright owner of the higan codebase, and am thus able to sell license exemptions for commercial use.

The terms of the license are flexible, and the pricing is also flexible based on the scale of usage desired.

Licenses are only offered as non-exclusive, non-transferrable, worldwide, unlimited use, and royalty-free. I will not sign an NDA under any circumstances: instead, leave confidential information out of any licensing discussion.

Note that licenses are offered as-is, with no technical support provided. Depending upon availability, I can potentially offer consulting at a rate of $50 USD per hour.


If you are interested in purchasing a license, you can contact me via my hotmail.com e-mail address, setsunakun0

Free License

Technically, the GPLv3 license does not prohibit commercial usage. However, to use higan under the GPLv3, you must release the full source code for your software that includes higan.

Furthermore, there is some uncertainty around the legality of using binary blobs with GPL software (see nVidia's Linux drivers for example), and given higan is designed to run ROM software, this same ambiguity would arise with commercial usage of higan. This may require releasing the source code to any binary ROM images bundled with higan in this manner.

Commercial Licenses Issued

If higan is being used commercially without full source code provided by any company not listed here, its copyright is being infringed.